Ambidextrous Gets It On with Fall 2008 Issue

A shameless plug and congratulations for our friends at Ambidextrous, Stanford University’s Journal of Design. They’ve recently published their Fall 2008 issue themed “Getting It On” and celebrated with a happening launch party graciously hosted by Adaptive Path in San Francisco.

Ambidextrous has been called a “quirky magazine [that] explores the craft of design and the nuances of design thinking” by Dan Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind.

Ambidextrous features the people and processes involved in design and design thinking. The print magazine is curated and edited by a team of Stanford students and recent grads with content by writers and photographers from all over.

The newest issue originated in a proposition that they explore the topic of sex (“Let’s Talk About It“). The result is perhaps PG-13 at most, with topics such as MUJI designer Kenya Hara (“Landscapes of the Unknown“), fasteners and attachment (“Ups and Downs in Zipper History“), and the power of emotions (“Free as in Love”). They also investigated titillating instances of explicit sexual material (“Sex Goes to the Museum,” “Getting it On Gets Faster“)
But what largely comes through in the issue is a lust for design and design thinking and a sweet affirmation and appreciation for those that do design.

At heart they’re romantics about design and the design process. And this has been true for Ambidextrous from the start. The brown paper cover serves as a demure disguise for the ongoing passionate love note written by and for design geeks.

If you’re not yet a subscriber sign up now. It’s a great read from cover to cover. Their website has some selected articles from this and previous issues up. And through Dec 31 they are having a holiday sale on magazine subscriptions — $10 off their regular subscription price.
Make Ambidextrous a stocking stuffer!

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