2008 Stanford Design program alumni win € 500,000 prize and € 100,000 prize from the PICNIC Green Challenge!

The d.news extends congratulations to our friends and neighbors at the graduate Program in Design for their sweep of the PICNIC Green Challenge in Amsterdam recently!

The 2008 PICNIC Green Challenge is the annual international creative competition, sponsored by the Dutch Postcode Lottery and cross-media event PICNIC, that challenges entrepreneurs worldwide to create greenhouse-gas-reducing products or services that encourage consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

With a revolutionary material EcovativeDesign has won this year’s PICNIC Green Challenge, and Veranda Solar won a surprise special prize of 100,000 Euros.

After graduation Capra J’neva and Emile Fetscher formed Veranda Solar while Ed Browka joined Ecovative as COO.  They were happy to see each other as finalists in Amsterdam, and receive a significant boost to their green ventures.

Greensulate™ is made with a revolutionary new manufacturing process that uses a growing organism to convert waste cellulose into a rigid biological resin. This process is extremely energy efficient, occurring in the dark, at room temperature and pressure, without any petroleum inputs. Greensulate™ is enabled by a flexible platform that can be leveraged to produce sustainable materials for many markets, including packaging, disposable coolers, and surf boards.

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Veranda Solar makes affordable, beautiful solar panels that hang out your window or clip to gutters and balconies. Their panels easy installation saves you half the cost of traditional panels. They are plug and play. They snap together. Now you can make the decision to go solar and hook up your house, all in a single afternoon.  Now you too can invest in your own personal green energy future.

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    Their panels easy installation saves you half the cost of traditional panels. They are plug and play

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