Cooking with Gas

During the week of November 11th, the hosted an executive education program in conjunction with the Graduate School of Business. The participants of “Customer Focused Innovation” spent the mornings in lectures at the b-school, and the afternoons immersed in design thinking at the

Nearly forty executives from a diverse group of companies spread across four continents took on the timely challenge of redesigning the gas pump experience for ARCO brand service stations. After a teambuilding warmup competition changing the tires on a NASCAR racer, participants went deep into interviews and observations on site at gas stations—some gaining access to interviewees by washing their windshields as they pumped! For the next two days the executives synthesized all of their notes and observations into a working point of view, brainstormed, prototyped, and showed their ideas to real users in order to iterate their designs.  Finally they got to show off their teamwork to high-level representatives from BP, who evaluated the refined prototypes declaring, “It’s really humbling that in four days you can describe what our customers think.  We have been working there for 20 years.”

For bigger, better information on the whole shebang, check the stories in it at out Bob Sutton’s Work Matters blog.

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  1. Bob Sutton
    Bob Sutton November 20, 2007 at 8:42 pm |

    The folks did an amazing job running this program. Huggy Rao and I were just blown away. Special thanks to the team that made it all happen:
    Adam French
    Perry Klebahn
    Alex Kazaks
    Alex Ko
    Brian Witlin
    Lia Ramirez
    Rich Crandall
    Yusuke Miyashita
    Natalie Woyzbun
    And especially, our general manager and air traffic controller:
    Kerry O’Connor
    I put-up a little post about my reaction to the program, about realists vs. idealists, here:

  2. Marie
    Marie December 5, 2007 at 9:05 am |

    What an interesting event. Now if only that those resources could be harnessed for sustainable energy purposes!

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