A family of design thinkers – Aravind Eye Hospitals

The d.school had a fantastic group of vistors from Aravind Eye Hospitals, based in Madurai, India, this morning. An amazingly ambitious and successful non-profit whose mission is to eliminate unnecessary blindness, Aravind has achieved a measure of efficiency in opthalmic surgery unheard of in more resource-rich nations. With no outside funding, they have innovated the process and products involved in cataract surgery to such a degree that they have reduced the cost of cataract surgery to $10 per patient, and they perform 5% of all these surgeries in India with less than 1% of all the opthalmic resources there.

They are also adept at exporting and sharing their unique knowledge of efficient and innovative surgical techniques and hospital management processes with residencies, workshops, partnerships, and publications.

We at the d.school were so excited to be able to meet with them and share ideas about how human-centered approaches to important problems can produce tremendous innovations with a positive and lasting global impact.

Check out Pavithra Mehta’s film “Infinite Vision” as well, which tells the story of this amazing institution and it’s founder.

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