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“We couldn’t be more different, except for our shared values. And that makes working together enjoyable.”

Kim Kendall-Humphreys

Kim Kendall-Humphreys

Finance Manager

Kim came to know the d.school at its start in 2005 while working as a financial analyst in the School of Engineering Dean’s Office, helping the young institute get on its financial feet. In 2009, she enthusiastically jumped in and joined the d.school full-time as the director of financial integrity and administrative flow. She blazes the sometimes difficult path of making an innovative and creative organization work within the constraints of a traditional institution.

A fourth generation Californian, Kim has deep ties to Stanford; the campus was her childhood playground. She loved tagging alongside her father, a Stanford grad, to a football game, concert or playing golf on the beautiful Stanford links. She and her three sisters spent summer days hunting for golf balls in San Francisquito creek, riding bikes through the fragrant and sometimes scary eucalyptus groves, or searching for frogs and scaly creatures at the once full Lake Lagunita.

Kim’s professional life started more than 27 years ago at the neonatal intensive care unit of Stanford Hospital. Aspirations of becoming a nurse, took a turn when she found herself caring for the nursing units budget and she’s been overseeing funds and budgets ever since. From there, Kim’s financial wizardry led her to the University of San Diego, where she was an analyst for the Pediatrics Division. She returned a few years later and joined the Stanford Police Department. Always happy to lend a hand, she occasionally put aside the finances, pitching in with dispatching calls at football games and helping with special events (ask her about World Cup Soccer, Super Bowl XIX, or meeting the Clinton’s, Queen Elizabeth, and Mikhail Gorbachev.)

Between spring and fall, you can find Kim out on the water. Kim, her husband and two grown children are avid water skiers , rated drivers, judges and safety officials, with the USA Water Ski Association. Competitions and tournaments have led her family to almost every state in the country; their motor home has served as a vehicle for many adventures. Kim’s true passion is snow skiing and in the winter months she hits the slopes. She has skied many mountains, but has dreams of skiing the Swiss Alps and Heli-skiing in Canada. For the past several years, she has been a member of the volunteer ski patrol at Sugar Bowl, helping lost and injured skiers.

Kim’s is delighted to be part of the d.school team and tackles the d.finances and mountains of crazy requests from d.schoolers with a fearless combination of adventure and expertise.

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