Awkward Space Makeshop: On Campus

Winter 2016
Saturday Feb 27, 9am-6pm, Concept Car
Sunday Feb 28, 9am-6pm, Studio 1

Stanford Campus is an iconic design. As primary users of this prestigious institutional space you have a sensitive understanding of its idiosyncrasies. How might we intervene in the design of the campus to improve the experience for you and all of the other users of the space? In this two-day d school intensive pop-up course, led by members of the teaching team from the d school and Our City, we’ll work collaboratively with stakeholders involved in the planning, design and maintenance of the Stanford Campus. We’ll explore spaces that you, as campus users, characterize as ‘awkward’. Who do you need to speak to understand how these awkward entanglements come about? The workshop sets out to develop an understanding of the spatial relationships that exist on campus, probing them to understand the power-relations and hierarchies of decision-making at work within the institution. You will be introduced to spatial design strategies and tactics in the public realm. We’ll use design thinking approaches to identify and map the context, stakeholders, and values in the production of campus space. We’ll run a makeshop – a rapidfire prototyping period designing temporary interventions on campus that address these spaces and the needs of students, faculty, visitors, and other “users”. Finally, we’ll co-evaluate your interventions with relevant stakeholders and explore how these might be developed into more finished products. Students are required to have previous experience in design thinking and have completed one or more classes.

Accepting 24 Students. Open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs. Apply here before Sunday December 6 at 11:59pm.

Teaching Team
Hannah Jones and Maryanna Rogers,
Jake Levitas, Our City
Ray Boyle, Our City