@Stanford Studio

Fall 2013
Tu / Th 10:00a – 12:00p
Studio 1
ME 247B
4 Units
Credit/No Credit

Re-imagine the Stanford experience for the year 2020. Fall quarter the d.school’s @Stanford Project will mount “@Stanford Studio,” an opportunity for students to design, develop, execute, and iterate immersive prototypes that allow experimentation into many facets of the future student experience. Because of the nature of prototypes and the subject matter, significant time outside of scheduled class meetings will be required. Students will work closely with design mentors, campus stakeholders, and inspiration partners (innovative educators, artists, museums, companies and/or topical experts from beyond Stanford) to create live, testable, learning experiences. Course will involve fast-paced team work and rely on strong, consistent participation and perfect attendance.

Application will be given out on first day of class. Strong preference will be given to students enrolled in @Stanford in Spring 2013. Class size limited to 20.

Teaching Team
Carissa Carter, d.school
David Kelley, d.school, ME Design, IDEO
Scott Doorley, d.school




@Stanford Studio